Pros and cons of small group health insurance versus an individual or family health insurance policy.

As we ended 2016 and began 2017, our agency sensed a “sea change” within our clients and what they want in their health insurance benefits going forward. The frustration over the Affordable Care Act along with the government’s inability to make any real changes going...
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State of the upcoming 2018 Houston health insurance market for Families & Individuals

Well here we are again. The Affordable Care Act, even with the showdown in Washington, looks to be here to stay for at least another year. I realize that Trumpito is trying to let it die a natural death, but that would be very unlikely given the fact that many of you...
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What are the criteria to create small group health insurance policies in Texas?

This is a common question from many of our small business owners. Some operate under a corporate veil and some as a sole proprietorship. Either way, you must meet certain tests in order for the health insurance carriers to accept your application for coverage. First...
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A case study of one of our clients within the Houston health insurance market

I’m very surprised that since the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act has been in place since 2010, that many of you are still not aware of the basic rules and what it can do for you. Please don’t get political on me, this is simply a case study of one of our...
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Is a small group health insurance plan a better deal than a family plan?

Over the past year or so, we have converted about 20% of our clients from an individual policy over to a small group health plan through their business. Why would we do that, you ask? Let’s answer that question by being specific about a real client of ours in the...
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Group Insurance Tax Benefits

Group insurance plans are traditionally purchased by employers to offer individual and family insurance plans to their employees. The United States Internal Revenue Service allows for tax benefits to employers who purchase group insurance plans. Interestingly, group...

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