If you are an entrepreneur and you want to establish a business health plan, you can do so through a qualified Broker such as Selected Benefits. You are committed to looking after the health and well-being of your workforce because you understand that the healthier your people are the more productive they will be. But there is only so much capital you can dedicate to health insurance.

Using the services of a CMS certified broker will help you find a business health plan that is sustainable, and that meets the needs of your employees. Going this route will help your company stay financially healthy so that you can maintain your competitive edge.

You may have heard a lot about America’s health care crisis, but for you the situation is real, and the complexities of it must be handled in the most effective way you can manage. To remain active, vibrant, and well, you should see a doctor regularly, get an annual check-up, and get the insight and advice that such trained medical professionals can give you. If you have a chronic illness, it is even more urgent that you have access to a doctor and that you are able to purchase prescription medicine. An Austin small business health insurance policy will keep your employees health, happy and productive.

For individuals, the Affordable Care Act established federal health exchanges that give people as much opportunity as possible to purchase good health insurance. If you are a citizen of Austin, Texas and have a certain income, you may qualify for a subsidy. You can go to the federal exchange and find insurance Austin that has all the health benefits you need. You also have the option of using a CMS certified health broker to help you find insurance Austin that is not on the exchange. Indeed, such agencies like Selected Benefits are qualified to help you review the health benefits of plans that are on and off the federal exchange.

You can also get coverage through the exchange and the help and advice of a health broker if you are an immigrant, but you must meet the following requirements or status:

-you are a refugee
-you have a green card or papers that make you a lawful permanent resident
– you are a lawful temporary resident
-you hold a student visa, or one of the many official work visas
-you are a member of an Indian tribe
-you have applied for asylum and have been granted employment authorization
-you are under the age of 14 and you have applied for asylum at least 160 days ago

Finding the right health care plan can be a challenge. However, if you work with experts, with people who have insight into how the new federal exchanges work and have broader knowledge of insurance plans that are not on the exchanges, then you will succeed. No one should have to live without healthcare. You can get the benefits you need today.

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