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Personal and Individual Health Insurance

Personal and Individual Health Insurance

My experience with Selected Benefits couldn’t have been more pleasant. The health insurance rates were sent over very quickly via email and they weren’t instant quotes. I’ve done instant quotes in the past, but I was never sure exactly what I would’ve been buying. Mr. Wendlandt chose what he felt would be best for us and then explained why.

The application process was very simple as well and we were approved the same day! I would recommend them to anyone.

Eric Wormser
Houston, Texas

When shopping around for health, dental, and life insurance, I got in contact with Selected Benefits. I requested a quote and got the quote the same day with various policies from different insurance companies. It was a joy to deal with Selected Benefits since the staff is knowledgeable and took the time to answer my questions. Definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for insurance.

Anne Kathrine
Houston, Texas

They explained everything in detail and the application process was very quick and easy. I would recommend Selected Benefits to all of my co-workers for their Texas health insurance needs.

Susan Carson
�Houston TX

When I was looking for insurance, Selected Benefits sent me quotes from several companies the same afternoon that I spoke to them. Also, I called them when I had questions on the application and Steve, the owner, helped me fill out all the paperwork. Great job!

Caroline Bailey
Fort Worth, Texas

Insurance is outrageous nowadays – esp when only 1 person is working. My husband was paying over $400 a month to have me and our Son on his insurance. I contacted Steve and explained my woes to him and he quickly went to it. He found me two policies and made his own recommendations. He explained to me what would be covered and what wouldn’t. Even when it took me 2 months to make up my mind, all I had to do is send him an email and he remembered me! (how many people in your own town will be able to do that!!) Steve got me new quotes (which were lower than before! YEA!) and was able to have me approved for a lower cost insurance plan with more coverage than my husband’s company offers – �all within 24 hrs.

Customer service = A+

Timeliness = A+

Quality Service = A+

Good Insurance and not having to worry about IF my insurance will cover the costs IF anything happens to our daughter = PRICELESS!

Thank you Steve for all your help!!

Teresa Valentino
Katy, Texas

Thank you for checking back with me. You are so awesome! You remembered when I might need to get another insurance plan as I indicated in earlier correspondences. Believe me!..I would highly recommend you to anyone who might need you for assistance.

I was fortunate to start a new job last week with the State Bar of Texas and will have a new benefit plan that I can enroll Kevin in as well.

Thanks again for helping us out the past few years. I will refer anyone who might need your expertise in the future.
Best regards!

Lisa Provoznik
Austin, Texas

I am emailing you today because my friend Robert (who I have cc’d on this email) is in need of health insurance at a good rate. I told him you were GREAT, AWESOME and would take care of him and his family.

Dawn Liner
Southlake, Texas