Why should you trust Selected Benefits to buy your
Texas Health Insurance policy?

cardiology-bg-imgWe are certified by CMS to assist you with policies both on and off the new Federal Exchange created by the Affordable Care Act. Many of you may not realize you will qualify for federal premium subsidies which could greatly reduce or even eliminate your monthly premium depending on your income. Both our individual health insurance policies and our small business health insurance meet the requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.
We aim to educate and inform about the laws regarding Obamacare. Our licensed and experienced health and life insurance agents will work with you to find the right insurance policy for your needs. Some of you will be better off outside the federal exchange, some will benefit most from an exchange policy and some should form a small group health insurance plan for their business. Let us analyze your exact situation so you can be confident in your decision.
Our services are free to you. The insurance premiums you pay when you purchase a policy through us are exactly the same as the cost of purchasing directly from an insurer and are equal to the policy premiums filed with the Texas Department of Insurance. Per Texas law, all rates are the same no matter where you buy your policy.
We have relationships with major insurance carriers. Our carriers include Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Community Health, United Healthcare, Celtic, Humana One, Cigna, Molina Healthcare, OSCAR and Assurant Health. Because of our relationships with major medical insurance carriers, we can provide you with information on a broad array of both small business health insurance and individual policies so you can find one that is the right fit.
We offer a variety of different types of insurance coverage. Whether you want an accidental injury policy, a critical illness plan, a child only policy, a health savings account and high deductible plan, individual health insurance or a small group health insurance plan for your business, we can find you the right insurance companies to get you the policy you need.
Since you’ll receive the same policy at the same cost, pay us nothing, and get the benefit of our help and expertise, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain from buying your Texas health insurance through Selected Benefits.

Purchasing Texas health insurance for your small business or as an individual is one of the most intelligent things you can do to protect your financial future. After all, a single illness or accident could lead to devastating medical costs if you are uninsured, not to mention the costs to your health associated with skipping preventive care visits or failing to take needed prescription medications.

Knowing you need a solid health insurance policy and knowing how to buy that insurance are two different things. As such, it is a good idea to turn to an expert to help you with your insurance purchase; let Selected Benefits be that expert.

My experience with Selected Benefits couldn’t have been more pleasant. The health insurance rates were sent over very quickly via email and they weren’t instant quotes. I’ve done instant quotes in the past, but I was never sure exactly what I would’ve been buying. Mr. Wendlandt chose what he felt would be best for us and then explained why.

The application process was very simple as well and we were approved the same day! I would recommend them to anyone.

Eric Wormser
Houston, Texas

When shopping around for health, dental, and life insurance, I got in contact with Selected Benefits. I requested a quote and got the quote the same day with various policies from different insurance companies. It was a joy to deal with Selected Benefits since the staff is knowledgeable and took the time to answer my questions. Definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for insurance.

Anne Kathrine
Houston, Texas

When I was looking for insurance, Selected Benefits sent me quotes from several companies the same afternoon that I spoke to them. Also, I called them when I had questions on the application and Steve, the owner, helped me fill out all the paperwork. Great job!

Caroline Bailey
Fort Worth, Texas

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