What is Medicare Supplement?

Texas Medicare Supplement policies, also called “Medigap”, will help cover most of the expenses, making healthcare more affordable, for those who find their medical out of pocket expenses and monthly premiums from Medicare Parts A and B?to be excessive.

A Medicare Supplement plan in Texas can cover expenses with Medicare, including deductibles, co pays, and other miscellaneous out of pocket expenses. They’re designed to work in conjunction with the government provided Medicare, but can’t be used as “stand alone” coverage meaning that you need to always be in Medicare, Parts A and B, for the base medical and hospital coverage. While Medicare Supplement plans don’t include coverage for prescription drugs, you can choose the optional prescription RX drug coverage by enrolling in the Part D RX prescription drug plan. Remember that Medicare Supplement plans do not include benefits such as routine hearing, dental or vision, but you can obtain these benefits through your trusted Texas Medicare Supplement agent. That’s us!

In Texas, there are 10 standardized Medicare supplement plans available for purchase through private insurance companies. Each plan is labeled with the letters A through N. These ten Medigap plans each offer a slightly different level of coverage, but the benefits are standardized across each plan type which means that a Standard Plan F with BCBS of Texas is exactly the same as Standard Plan F with Mutual of Omaha. You’ll receive the exact same plan and benefits, no matter which insurance carrier you choose.

As far as plan popularity, Standard Plan F is the clear winner with Plan G coming in 2nd place. The other lettered plans are rarely chosen.