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Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with having health insurance by teaming up with Selected Benefits, an experienced health insurance broker serving Houston residents.

As a leading health insurance broker for individuals and groups in Houston, we help you navigate the often challenging assortment of insurance plans and providers. Whether you need comprehensive individual or group health insurance coverage, Medicare supplement, life insurance, or a health savings account, we’re on your side.

Houston Health Insurance for Individuals & Families

Most of the time, Houston area residents receive health insurance through their employers. Companies select the insurance provider and plan options for employees. Thanks to recent health reforms, however, more people are taking advantage of individual health insurance policies.

Individual health insurance is a policy acquired by a person for themselves and their family using a licensed health insurance agent. This type of health insurance policy offers extensive benefits:

  • Covers essential health benefits
  • Available to everyone, regardless of pre-existing medical conditions
  • Plan holders can keep policies, even when switching jobs
  • Pick the policy that best fits your needs, including the network of providers and coverage amounts
  • Costs less than other employer-sponsored health insurance offerings, in certain circumstances

Medical care costs have continued to rise over the years, making it more important to obtain health insurance. Selected Benefits is dedicated to finding the right individual health insurance plan for you and your family. We compare the benefits, rates, doctor, and hospital networks offered by insurance companies serving Houston and its surrounding communities. Our skilled agents are available to provide advice and answer questions.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance, or Medigap

Medicare covers most of the charges for healthcare services and supplies, but beneficiaries may still be responsible for several out-of-pocket costs that can swiftly add up. A Medicare Supplement Insurance, or Medigap, policy helps pay for many of these uncovered expenses, which include:

  • Copayments
  • Coinsurance
  • Deductibles

One of the Selected Benefits areas of expertise is Medicare insurance products, and we have relationships with all major Medicare supplement carriers in Texas. Our specialists thoroughly analyze your current policy and pinpoint any superior alternatives. If you’re turning 65 in the coming months, they can also find the best combination of plans.

Life Insurance

Ensure your family has financial stability in your absence with life insurance from Selected Benefits. While these policies let you leave beneficiaries with a non-taxable amount upon death, they can also cover personal liabilities like mortgages, automobile loans, and other unpaid amounts.

An individual life insurance policy follows you upon retirement or when no longer enrolled in an employer-sponsored insurance plan. Here are additional benefits of life insurance.

  • Covering final costs after you pass away
  • Paying off debt
  • Replacing income
  • Inheritance
  • Charitable contributions

Picking a life insurance policy is very important. Selected Benefits specializes in matching you with the best option for your budget and needs. We offer the term, group, and universal life insurance for individuals and groups. Our experts can also structure custom key man life insurance policies for your company’s upper management.

Your Life, Your Plan. Whether choosing a health insurance plan for you and your loved ones or groups of employees, time is typically limited. A choice made in a rush can be costly. That’s why partnering with an independent Houston health insurance broker like Selected Benefits is essential.

We support you or your human resources department by offering strategic advice when selecting a healthcare plan. Furthermore, our experts are available to answer any questions. Here are ways working with us gives you an edge in the competitive health insurance marketplace

  • Stay informed
  • Obtain unbiased information
  • Get assistance with applications and enrollment processes
  • Troubleshoot issues

Houston Group Health Insurance for Large & Small Groups

A group health insurance policy is utilized by small and large employers or employee organizations. Its services are offered to eligible participants and their dependents.

The main advantage of group health insurance is the increased number of people. Getting insurance collectively makes more options available and at generally lower prices compared to seeking out coverage individually.

  • Better insurance plans offered
  • Lower prices for insurance plans
  • More coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • Better access to care
  • Tax incentives for providing health insurance to employees
  • Improves employee morale

Selected Benefits offers Houston health insurance for groups by providing a wide-ranging selection of medical plans from all major health insurance carriers in Texas. Our health insurance experts work closely with your company or its benefits manager to pinpoint policies that enhance employee healthcare benefits while keeping costs down.

Houston area residents and businesses alike can save money and hassle on health insurance with Selected Benefits. We expertly guide our clients to the right policy with proper coverage at the lowest price.

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