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Supplemental Insurance Plans

Supplemental insurance provides an extra level of coverage, can cost less than individual health insurance, and encompasses types of insurance beyond health insurance. At Selected Benefits, we offer supplemental plans including, dental, vision, and accident insurance. Explore or supplemental insurance plans that can help protect you and your family from unexpected events.

Supplemental Dental Insurance

We offer most all of the major dental insurance carriers in Texas including Delta Dental, Humana, United Health, and many others. In exchange for a monthly or annual premium, you’ll receive the dental benefits which normally include preventive care (i.e. checkups, x-rays, cleanings, etc.) while some others include both preventive and basic/major services such as extractions, oral surgery, crowns, implants, and even orthodontia.

Supplemental Vision Insurance

Texas vision insurance is a supplement to a traditional Texas health insurance policy the same way a dental insurance would be. A solid vision insurance policy will help pay the expenses associated with routine checkups, contact lenses, eyeglasses, and frames, and most even offer discounts on vision correction surgery.

Supplemental Accident Insurance

Supplemental accident insurance, also known as Accident Insurance, is designed to help you cover the medical expenses and out-of-pocket costs when you have an accidental injury. Selected Benefits Accident insurance plans typically pay any medical expenses, after a small deductible, related to the injury that your Texas health insurance policy doesn’t cover that can include

  •  ER visits
  •  X-Rays
  •  Hospital Stays
  •  Lab Work

Texas accident policies can come in two forms: Stand-alone products or as an add-on to your existing medical insurance policy. Some carriers that offer these as an add-on would be Humana, United Healthcare, and Independence Holding Corporation (which is our most popular temporary health insurance carrier).