Why Do I Need Health Insurance?

Buying Texas health insurance is one of the most important purchases you can make to protect your finances and to protect your family. The costs of healthcare can be very, very high, especially if you are seriously injured or ill. Buying health insurance transfers the financial risk of a medical disaster to an insurance company that can afford to take on that risk.

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The Importance of Texas Health Insurance

Medical care in the United States can be extremely expensive. Even routine doctor’s visits and prescription drugs can cost hundreds of dollars. If you develop a serious illness such as cancer, you can expect to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on chemotherapy, surgery, and other medical treatments. The same is true if you are in an accident. A spinal cord injury could cost millions over the course of a lifetime, for example, as could a brain injury or other catastrophic injury.

In order to protect yourself and to ensure that you get the care you need if you are seriously injured or fall seriously ill, it is important to buy Texas health insurance. When you are uninsured, you might not be able to get the life-saving treatment you need. Even if you can get the treatment, paying for it might send you into medical bankruptcy. All of the things you have worked hard for could be lost simply because you have the misfortune of becoming ill.

Purchasing Texas Health Insurance

While everyone needs some type of Texas health insurance, the nature of the coverage that you need is going to vary depending on your situation. For some people who are relatively young and who are in pretty good health, it may make sense to buy a catastrophic care policy only. These types of policies will protect against financial disaster because they will kick in when you are facing large medical bills. For example, you may have a $5,000 deductible on your catastrophic coverage policy. You’d be responsible for all costs up to $5,000 but once your costs exceeded that in a year, then the insurer would start to pay.

For others, more comprehensive health insurance coverage is needed in order to stay in good financial shape. For example, if you have kids that need to go to the doctor a lot, if you have a chronic condition like asthma or diabetes, or if you are on a lot of prescription medication, then you may need health insurance that covers all of these costs. A policy that covers all of your medical costs can be more expensive to buy, but often the math works out and this policy actually saves you money if you use a lot of healthcare services.

When buying Texas health insurance, it is important to evaluate your needs and to choose the right policy for you. Some people are able to get insurance at a discount through their employer, but if this is not an option or if you are shopping for your own policy or supplemental coverage, then Selected Benefits can help. Give one of our Texas health insurance experts a call today to learn more about the types of health insurance available and to find a policy that will meet your specific needs.

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Why you need health insurance