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Private Health Insurance in Texas

We’re a premier health insurance broker serving the people and businesses of Texas in Houston, Austin, and Dallas. Our job is to get you the best health insurance plan at the right price, and there’s no charge to you.

People often make healthcare decisions based on what they’re experiencing now. From routine checkups to unplanned events, medical care can be costly. A high-quality individual or family health insurance plan from Selected Benefits gives you access to the care you need while avoiding large medical bills.

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Individual & Family Health Insurance Plans in Texas

Individual and family insurance is a private health policy that you can purchase for just yourself or your family. You can choose the insurance company, network, and coverage level that best meets your needs. Also called personal health plans, they provide an array of benefits:

  • ACA-compliant plans are available to everyone, regardless of pre-existing medical conditions
  • Plan holders can change jobs without losing coverage
  • Freedom to renew or change plans, options, and health insurance companies within enrollment periods
  • Plans include the doctors and hospitals you trust

Although many Americans get health insurance through their employer, that’s not always possible. When you’re not eligible for an employer-sponsored plan or your company’s plan is too expensive or limited, individual health insurance is another way to obtain coverage.

People in certain situations are more likely to need individual or family health insurance. Those are:

  • Young adults
  • The unemployed
  • Part-time employees
  • The self-employed
  • Retirees

If you’re in one of the above situations and lack health insurance coverage, it’s important to enroll in an individual plan quickly. Seeking medical care without insurance is incredibly expensive.

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It’s daunting to obtain health insurance for you and your family. You’re buying coverage that can save lives when unexpected medical events occur. It’s hard to know if you’re getting the best level of care for your situation at the lowest possible price.

When in need of an individual or family insurance plan in Houston, Austin, or Dallas, Texas, Selected Benefits will provide insight and clarity while avoiding confusion and hassle. Our experts will speak with you about your coverage needs and help you understand your choices. They’ll also see if you qualify for premium tax credits that can significantly lower your monthly premiums through the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, and walk you through the federal marketplace.

Selected Benefits connects Texans and their families with the best health insurance providers and plans. There’s no need to spend hours filling out numerous coverage applications. With our expertise and knowledge, you’ll get more value for your money than when searching on your own.

We’re standing by to provide additional information about individual health insurance plans and family health insurance plans.

Selected Benefits provides health insurance for individuals, families, and groups. With the costs of medical care in this country continuing to rise, it is becoming increasingly important to provide health insurance for you and your family. Given how complex this industry is, it can be good to have someone to help guide you. This is where we come in. We begin by getting to know each client individually with a quick phone call which lets us learn what they need.

There are four basic kinds of health plans:

  1. Group health insurance through your employer or your own company
  2. Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare plans
  3. Short Term Medical or Temporary Insurance
  4. Health Care Sharing Ministries or Faith Based plans

Depending on what your circumstances are, each one of these comes with its own advantages. Our goal is to help each client find the plan that offers the best coverage for them at the least cost. We aim to make this process simple and straightforward.

For 20 years, Selected Benefits has been learning the ins and outs of the health insurance industry.

This experience equips us to educate each client. We want you to be able to make an informed decision that will help protect yourself and the ones you love for years to come. Please give us a call to find out more.

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