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We offer almost all of the major dental insurance carriers in Texas including Delta Dental, Humana, United Health, and many others. We also offer Dental Discount Plans which are exactly what they sound like. These are inexpensive in comparison to dental insurance and generally provide up to 50% off preventive care and 20-25% off major services, all without a waiting period.

How Will My Dental Insurance In TX Function?

Texas dental insurance will function in a similar way that Texas health insurance works. Basically, in exchange for a monthly or annual premium, you’ll receive dental benefits which normally include preventive care (i.e. checkups, x-rays, cleanings, etc.) while some others include both preventive and basic/major services such as extractions, oral surgery, crowns, implants, and even orthodontia.

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TX Dental Plans

Just like a Texas health insurance policy, a Texas dental insurance plan usually comes in two forms: Managed Care Dental Plan or an Indemnity Dental Plan.

In a nutshell, the Texas Indemnity Dental plan will give you access to a far larger network of providers than will a Managed Care dental plan. The way these indemnity plans work is that the insurance carrier will typically pay for covered expenses only after the services are rendered and it receives a bill from the dental provider. This normally results in your having to pay for up-front expenses after which your insurance carrier will reimburse you at a later time.

A managed care dental plan will normally offer a smaller dental provider network. Those Texas dentists that participate in that network must agree to provide services at pre-determined rates and in most cases will submit the dental claim to your dental insurance carrier. A managed care plan will offer lower out-of-pocket costs and less hassle while an indemnity plan gives you more access to dental providers.

What Will My Texas Dental Insurance Policy Cover?

Your dental insurance policy will generally cover routine checkups and cleanings two times per year. Some plans may require a co-pay for this service, but many of the plans include free preventive care. Have a cavity? Those are typically covered at 100% in most cases after any applicable deductibles have been met. Your dental plan will also normally cover X-rays, root canals, crowns, and some other major services. Most plans normally have a deductible which must be met after which the insurance carrier will begin to cover the expenses. Remember, individual and family dental plans typically have a $1,000-$1,500 per member annual limit for covered expenses.

Please note that many dental plans can have exclusions in the fine print. The typical exclusions often include the following: cosmetic procedures, braces, dentures, dental implants, and dental care related to a medical condition (like an accident that would revert to your Texas health insurance policy). In our experience, one of the most important factors in choosing a dental insurance policy in Texas is whether or not your dentist is actually in the network. Some clients call the dentists and hear the dreaded “We take all insurance”. This does not mean they are in-network. This means they are probably out-of-network, but will file the claim nonetheless and you’ll be responsible for most all of the charges.

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