What is temporary medical insurance?

A short-term health insurance policy is one that you can use as an alternative to a traditional group health insurance plan or an individual or family policy, but there are several differences as follows:

Temporary medical insurance plans can have a duration from 30 days up to 3 years. This can be perfect for those who have COBRA which is ending, for those in-between jobs, college students, and anyone who will generally have a gap in their coverage. They can also be used as a replacement for a traditional plan so long as you are aware of the differences.

Short-term medical or temporary medical insurance plans normally have no coverage for pre-existing conditions. If you have a certain pre-existing condition that requires expensive treatment, these may not be the best option. However, if you have no pre-existing conditions or yours is fairly minor or inexpensive to treat with low-cost over-the-counter, or generic medications, temporary medical insurance can be a great solution. We even offer a short-term medical plan that pays for pre-existing conditions under certain conditions, but an ACA-compliant plan would generally be a better choice.

These policies generally use PPO networks as opposed to many individual ACA options that only use HMOs. Our agency works with the following temporary health carriers: Independence Holding (IHC), National General, and United Health (Golden Rule). All three listed will give you access to nationwide coverage through PPO networks.

Finally, one of the best reasons why temporary medical plans are worth consideration is that they will generally cost less than an ACA-compliant group health insurance or individual health insurance policy marketplace as they are not required to cover pre-existing conditions, maternity, or preventative care. Most short-term plans also offer an option to pre-pay for the amount of time you need and are willing to give a significant discount (generally 18-20%) to those who choose to pay their premiums that way.

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