Examples of Clients We’ve Helped – Actual Case Studies

Here at Selected Benefits, we take a deep dive into your needs and will find the absolute best options for your company. We will not just send you standardized quotes that anyone can generate.

We take your budgetary needs seriously and will incorporate them into any plan options we present and we will do this year in and year out.  We work with hundreds of employers in Texas and across the U.S.  and beyond. Take a look at some of our cases studies below to see how we’ve helped these organizations.

Please note, our services are free to you and we are paid a commission from the insurance carrier you choose. The commission is relatively stable across most all carriers, so we are disincentivized to have you choose one carrier over another. Our recommendations are strictly based on what is best for you!

Does the size of your Organization affect your outcome?

Not at all. Our agency will provide a custom health insurance plan for a business of any size, no matter where in the U.S. you are located. If your company is a relatively small organization with just a few employees, a mid-sized business with eyes on future growth or even a larger, more elaborate business with several hundred employees, we can construct a group health insurance package to meet your organizations’ needs. Bottom line: We will be your trusted advocate in the complex world of group health insurance.

Read the Actual Case Study from our Client
Once again we succeed!

Having us in your corner, a trusted advocate and partner, with top tier insurance industry contacts and exceptional negotiating prowess will result in your employees having the absolute best coverage going forward.

We succeeded yet again and had excellent results by acting as an advocate for a client to obtain better benefits along with lower rates across the board. How did we do this? By flipping over a few rocks and finding an option where traditional government agencies never look.

On one of our recent cases involving a government agency, an organization with about 50+ relatively high risk employees, we found a benefits package that satisfied the unorthodox needs of the group and lowered the premiums paid by more $180,000 in Annual premium cost when compared to their previous benefits package and more than $500,000 when compared against what their old Broker offered. What really stands out is that this group was downsizing significantly and we still managed to save them monies on a per employee basis. Generally, the insurance business dictates that the larger organizations typically are able to pay far lower rates per employee, but that’s not the case here.

Read the Actual Case Study from our Client
Large Cost Savings for a Small Business

You should never be satisfied with the present coverage on your small business health insurance coverage. If you think you’re too small to obtain lower prices for coverage, you would likely be doing yourself a disservice. One of our clients, an energy company with only 5 employees was shocked that we could deliver what we promised. Unfortunately, they were working with a another Broker for quite some time and this person never really shopped around. As a result, the energy company was paying far too much for benefits that could easily be improved if you were willing to do a little leg work.

Read the Actual Case Study from our Client
We sure cleaned up this Messy House

Finding the optimal group health insurance can be a matter of trust and without it, only bad things will happen. We helped an oil company that had a logistics division with 15 employees. Unfortunately, the Broker that they previously worked with made a mess of things; borderline dishonestly, we assume, to line their own pockets in a lazy way. A further complication: the company was moving to another State adding another wrinkle to a closely approaching renewal deadline.

Read the Actual Case Study from our Client
Your Package Deal may not be the Bargain you thought

Many organizations will jump on a package deal from their payroll company; not so fast. When it came to insuring a medical facility with a large employee base, they discovered that what appeared to be a great deal on a multi-product, bundled benefits plan might initially appear to fit their needs, but proved to be quite inadequate on the inside.

Read the Actual Case Study from our Client
The Insurance Matchup

While we might not be the biggest insurance Broker around, we are certainly proficient when it comes to obtaining the absolute best benefits all while fitting, or even coming in far below, your budget. On many occasions, we compete against outsized Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) to provide corporate benefits and we beat the pants off of them over 85 percent of the time. We’ll routinely save organizations 20-30% or more on their monthly premiums all while significantly improving the benefits package and back office services.

We are a boutique health insurance Broker and partner, based in Texas, but with a global reach. Our team will work diligently to tailor group health insurance plans for organizations from just 2 up to 100s of employees. A PEO is generally a huge company that will leverage its’ economies of scale to offer group benefits paired with back-office carrots that are dangled. Their idea is that bigger is always better, and that will result in lower cost.  We have found that this is simply not true.

Read the Actual Case Study from our Client