Second Case Study

Details of the Case

We managed to decrease the cost per employee for the benefits package to $688/month.  This was in comparison to what the larger, parent company, had negotiated at $940/month.  The worst part is that their old Broker had tried to stick them with a renewal rate of $1,450 per employee and did little to nothing to help them improve the situation.

  • The net result ended up with the government agency saving a total of $187,200. We even implemented an Employee Assistance Program for no extra cost.
  • We met all deadlines, giving the agency assurance that we could effectuate the new health insurance at time that was approaching quickly.
  • We provided advice to the government agency about who to use for payroll services, accounting services, benefit services and even human resources – in other words, we acted as a true advocate.
  • We even helped them plan for the future by building a plan of attack to sustainably improve their employees overall health which results in future reduced rates within 1-2 years.

Number of Employees: This case involved a Texas based, government agency that was downsizing from close to 400 employees, all the way down to 55 employees, most of whom were considered “high-risk”.

What we did to Help

By using our more than five decades of industry experience, the our dedicated staff rolled up their sleeves and got to work. We did our necessary research and shopped the entire landscape. Since we have an extensive network of industry contacts, we asked questions, then leveraged those relationships resulting in one happy customer who received the best insurance solution for their needs.

What were the Results

We secured better benefits for dental, vision, short and long-term disability, basic life insurance and voluntary life insurance for the agency’s group. Due simply to hard work and unrivaled industry experience, we were able to obtain the government entity better overall coverage and they saved more than $180,000 in insurance costs compared to their most recent benefits.

Our Advantage

We once again proved what being a true partner, an advocate, can do. We saved this Texas based government agency over $180,000 per year and we can do that for you too.

Are you ready to begin? Our determination and diligence is the secret sauce that places us far ahead of other health insurance brokers. We’re dedicated to being your healthcare benefits advocate and will work endlessly to find the best solution for your organization.

Remember, we’re paid a commission directly from the insurance carriers and it’s important to note that it doesn’t increase your premiums. You owe us nothing, though a nice review for a job well done certainly helps.