Third Case Study

Details of the Case
  • Energy company, oil and gas, with 5 employees
  • Organization’s insurance costs cut by $36,000 per year (40% decrease)
  • We reduced the cost per employee from $840 to $498
  • Employee deductibles reduced
  • Enhanced office visit copays to include lab work
  • Added enhanced dental and vision coverage compared to previous coverage
How Did We Help

By utilizing our more than 50 years of experience in the industry, we took a deep dive into the details of their situation and pinpointed a few areas ripe for improvement. Our expert agents consulted multiple insurance carriers, studied numerous insurance products and finally delivered the best solution for their needs. Simply put, we asked the right questions, got timely, accurate answers and were able to supply the best insurance products for the company.

Our experts found them better plans by switching the benefits from an expensive, non-underwritten policy to an medically underwritten policy. Just by answering a few medical questions, we saved them 40%. Many Brokers won’t do this as it requires, wait for it, work on the part of the Broker.

The End Result

The benefits change reduced the company’s Annual costs by over $36,000 which amounts to around a 40% decrease. Just as important, the cost per employee went from $840 to $498. Wait, there’s more.

On top of the savings on premiums, we lowered the deductible on the health insurance plan and added better ancillary benefits. We could have kept similar benefits to what they had previously and still saved them about 55%, but they came in saving 40% and juiced up the benefits package. Finally, we also provided free benefits management software and a dedicated service team at our agency.

As a result, we took over the overwhelming majority of their daily benefit management tasks helping to ease the burden on the unfortunate employee who was previously assigned Human Resources, Payroll and Accounting, so they can focus on other projects.

Ready to Get Started?

Our determination, diligence and caring is the difference that puts us light years ahead of other health insurance Brokers. We have a dedicated team that will find your organization the best possible benefits all while becoming your trusted benefits solutions advocate.

It is very important to note that we never charge you for using our services as our compensation comes directly from the insurance companies. What we’re paid does not affect your rates. We act as an insurance Broker and run proposals with all suitable, major carriers providing the best premium rates and benefits that best suit your enterprise’s needs.