Fourth Case Study

Medium Sized Logistics Company with 15 employees

Finding the best small business health insurance is quite often, a matter of trust. Without that, you are likely not going to end up where you want. The logistics division of an oil company, with 15 employees, was taught that lesson the hard way. The insurance broker the company previously worked with faltered on many fronts. They were inattentive at best and dishonest at worst. To add to the mix, the company was relocating from another state, adding another obstacle to an already-thorny task and tight timeline.

Details of the Case
  • Previous Broker left the company in a bind: Very inadequate coverage for employees, issues with human resources, and potentially, various healthcare law violations with the Workforce commission, the State of Texas and the Federal government
  • We were able to retain close to $100k in potentially lost capital.
How We Helped

We basically cleaned up the mess that this other Broker created by:

  • Resolved the Human Resource violations
  • Resolved the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) violations, Workforce commission violations and Section 105 H and Safe Harbor violations.
  • Dealt with the location change for the company
  • Found the most suitable coverage for the company’s challenging workforce

Fixing all these issues was not an easy task and this case presented one of our biggest challenges to date. Through expending considerable time and effort, dedicating long days, nights, and weekends, we were able to put the company’s house back in order. Oh yea, we also found quality and very affordable insurance coverage for the employees.

How Much They Saved

It seems the hard work paid off for the client and they saved nearly $75k per year as a result.

Our diligence, determination and caring clearly shows the difference between us and other health insurance brokers. Most other Brokers would not have possessed the deep knowledge to help this company out of their mess; or they would have not  taken the case in the first place as they likely would have seen the work versus reward as “not worth it”.

Our agency does not see it that way and as a result, we hopefully have a client for life. We love these challenges because it is a learning experience for us and it means we help families and businesses save money. In this case, we saved the company $75,000 and we also saved each employee and their respective families about $8,400 a year. Kind of makes you feel good, you know?