First Case Study

Small Business Health Insurance Solutions

We definitely understand the challenge a business of any size can face with regard to budget and available resources. Recently, we helped a client who is a  four-person dental office, located in Texas, who was facing a whopping 82% rate increase at renewal from their existing insurance carrier.

We took the reins and worked with the practice to build a health insurance solution that lowered their renewal premiums by 85%, all while able to maintain the same level of benefit coverage for their small practice. By using our in depth industry know how and insurance carrier relationships, we will partner with your small businesses to make sure you receive excellent coverage without any unnecessary costs or hiccups. We’ll shop every solid insurance carrier available to you, each year, to make sure we keep your costs within or even below budget.

Medium Businesses and their Group Health Insurance

As your business grows, your needs will become more complex with regard to insurance benefits. It’s fairly simple; solid advice can really benefit your bottom line and bad advice is like a kick in the teeth.

Recently, we took on an aviation business who had selected a large PEO for their employee benefits. We were able to act as an advocate for the client and saved the employer close to $11,000/month on their health insurance premiums and in total, including all products, the savings clocked in at almost $250,000 per year. The net result was improvement in employee morale by greatly lowering the cost for employees and their families, all while simultaneously lowering deductibles and with an overall better employee benefits package. Because we understand the intricacies of the health insurance market across the U.S., we are able to educate, advocate and provide continuing support and resources for our clients regardless of where they are located.

Large Business Employee Health & Ancillary Insurance

If a company grows to a rather large size, enough to have several divisions, or even partner with other synergistic companies, their health insurance and benefit requirements must evolve as well.

We were recently hired to help a rather large, joint-venture company; two leaders in the Oil and Gas industry.  We won the client, competing with seven other Brokers, by simply using our hard won knowledge with regard to insuring businesses who have a presence in multiple States; most Brokers don’t have that knowledge.

We finally came in with premiums that were, on average, 20-40% lower than the other competing Brokers. The work did not stop at insurance premiums alone, we managed to build an entire benefits solution for the joint venture.  Based on our industry knowledge and carrier relationships, we pinpointed the most cost-effective outcome all without compromising on benefits coverage and quality for the resulting company and its valued employees.

How We Can Help

We have extensive insurance industry experience and insurance carrier relationships for medical, vision and dental, group life insurance, both long and short term disability insurance and more. We offer our  customers quality benefit solutions that extend far beyond just managing the ins and outs of the insurance carriers. We combine that expertise with excellent negotiation skills and an unrivaled work ethic to get you the combination of the lowest possible premiums coupled with quality coverage.

Do you need a partner with honesty and integrity to develop your employee health insurance benefits program for the first time? Or are you shopping around for a new Broker to lower your current group insurance costs? Well you have found them.

Working with Us

We are an independent Broker who is based in Texas, but we have clients all across the country and beyond. We pride ourselves on honesty and are health insurance brokers who can provide solutions for all companies, regardless of size. Our goal is to find the best lowest possible rates for your company without sacrificing quality coverage for your employees.