Sixth Case Study

What We Can Offer

We have comprehensive insurance industry experience which includes in health insurance, dental and  vision plans, life insurance, both and long and short term disability and quite a few other products. Sometimes though, we don’t have the knowledge in certain areas and so we use consult our industry contacts in with regard to payroll services, retirement, HR administration, compliance and risk management to find you the best available plans at the lowest available prices. We combine our knowledge with unrivaled integrity and a unrelenting work ethic. We are a true advocate and partner for your business. If you don’t believe us, just read some of our online reviews.

How Did We Help

When dealing with a PEO, you need to realize that they are a “jack of all trades”, but a “master of none” (or a master of very few at best). They generally promise lower prices, but that’s rarely what’s received. . Sure, you’ll get a one stop shop which can be easy for you, but ultimately you’ll have worse benefits and pay more for them than you should be. Since we’re experts in the healthcare business, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work for your business.

We will expertly shop the entire landscape, flipping over every rock and completing all necessary research and we won’t stop until we find the very best outcome possible for our clients. It’s not just one time as we’ll do it again each year to see if we can beat our high water mark. The net result is you are always presented the best benefits at the best rates possible. We’ll also make necessary recommendations along the way and keep you informed so you can be confident in your eventual decision.

Our Advantage

We have shown time after time that hard work and integrity are the keys to the castle. We routinely drop our clients insurance premiums between 18-30%, on average, vs. a PEO and even other Brokers. Our guiding principles mean we are dedicated to being a healthcare advocate for your company and will work our fingers to the bone to find the best solution for you.

Remember that we never charge you a fee for using our services as our commission for guiding you comes directly from the insurance carriers. We act in the capacity of Broker and will generate quotes with all suitable insurance carriers. Also note, our commissions do not affect the price you pay for your benefits.