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What are the criteria to create small group health insurance policies in Texas?

This is a common question from many of our small business owners. Some operate under a corporate veil and some as a sole proprietorship. Either way, you must meet certain tests in order for the health insurance carriers to accept your application for coverage. First and foremost, the State is irrelevant. The rules for small […]

Is a small group health insurance plan a better deal than a family plan?

Over the past year or so, we have converted about 20% of our clients from an individual policy over to a small group health plan through their business. Why would we do that, you ask? Let’s answer that question by being specific about a real client of ours in the Greater Houston area. We’ll keep […]

How can I reduce my health insurance premiums?

This is a common question from our clients and the answer is ever changing. As a local, Houston based, health insurance broker, we have shifted our focus primarily based on the federal government’s inability to resolve the issue. In years past, we were more focused on the individual and family markets, but now we are […]

How Does Small Group Insurance Work?

Understanding the History of Small Group Insurance A bit of historic interest: Texas is considered by many to be the home of modern group health insurance. Though various forms of ‘insurance’ have been in existence since ancient times, it was in Dallas in 1929 that Justin Kimball implemented an idea that would help teachers pay […]

Why Small Group Insurance for Your Small Business?

There is a common misconception amongst owners of small businesses that their companies are not large enough to warrant a group health insurance plan. These business owners are often misinformed about the nature of the policies that many health insurance providers have to offer, and are all missing out of the many benefits of a […]

Group Insurance Tax Benefits

Group insurance plans are traditionally purchased by employers to offer individual and family insurance plans to their employees. The United States Internal Revenue Service allows for tax benefits to employers who purchase group insurance plans. Interestingly, group health insurance plans can become a tax deduction for both the employer and the employee. Let’s discuss the […]

Another rule change for the Small Business Group Health Insurance Market

Well we knew it wouldn’t last forever, but the Federal government just passed down another rule change that will provide another small roadblock for some Texas small businesses who wish to form a small group plan. In years past, we used to be able to form a small group plan for businesses that were made […]