Most  HYPERLINK “” Texas health insurance policies do include routine lab work as part of your preventive care.  For example, women over the age of 16 will receive and annual, routine pap smear and women over the age of 35 will receive a routine, annual mammogram. Men age 50 and over are entitled to a colonoscopy.  In addition, both men and women can receive an annual physical with routine blood work as part of preventive care.  These benefits are part of every health insurance policy in the U.S. per the Affordable Care Act.

It is important to note that preventive care only includes the initial testing. If follow up treatment is required, then it will be subject to the deductible as any other illness.

Currently, only Humana and Blue Cross offer further assistance for lab work and x-rays.  Humana pays the first $300-$500 (depending on the policy), per person, per year.  BlueCross covers lab work and x-rays on their Select Blue Advantage program, provided it is done on the same day as the doctor visit.

So, other than HumanaOne and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, I can’t get any help with these expenses until I meet my deductible? You’ll still receive the PPO contracted rate for the services rendered, which can be substantially (30-50%) less than the retail price.  A popular option is our NACD accident program, which will pay for x-rays if they are needed due to an accident.  In addition, NACD offers substantial discounts on lab tests through, which can save you 50% off the retail price.  If you have an HSA insurance policy, you can also use the funds in your HSA bank account to pay for these expenses with pre-tax dollars.

What if I opt for a lower insurance deductible instead? This is one way to get coverage faster for lab work and x-rays.  However, most people will find that the higher premium for a low-deductible policy essentially cancels out this benefit.  For the vast majority, it is better to save on the premium and self-insure for smaller items such as lab tests.  Call our office at (866)270-6209 to discuss your options.