As a Texas health insurance agent, I hear this comment all the time and it always makes me laugh because nothing could be further from the truth.

I would love it if my auto insurance carrier would pay for an annual tune up on my car each year. I would be over the moon if my homeowners carrier would pay to have an inspector visit my home once a year and let me know of any repairs that need to be made before they become very expensive problems.

I’ll even go even further and say that if I totaled my car, I’d love it if my auto insurance carrier replaced my old car with a nicer, more expensive vehicle of my choice. If my home burned down, I’d love if if they built me a new home with twice the square footage of my old home. Throw in an Olympic pool and a home gym while you’re at it!

Those sound like pipe dreams, but with Texas health insurance, that’s exactly what you receive.

Based on recent health care reform (the Affordable Care Act), two major changes have made policies even more attractive than they were before: 1) All health insurance policies must now pay for an annual physical for all adults with routine blood work, a routine, annual pap smear for all women over the age of 16, a routine, annual mammogram for all women over the age of 35, a routine colonoscopy for everyone over the age of 55 and all children now receive their well child check ups including immunizations for no charge. 2) All health insurance policies now have no more lifetime maximums meaning you’ll never run out of coverage no matter how much care you need.

This allows you to maintain your health with free preventive care each and every year and if you do need extensive medical care, you will never run out of coverage. Try asking your car insurance carrier to pay for your tune up and see what happens. While you’re at it, ask your homeowners insurance company to pay for that annual maintenance inspection.

The next time someone says they never receive anything from their health insurance policy, please forward them a copy of this article.

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