The short answer is, no you can’t, but there are are several options if you’re willing to think outside the box.
Option 1: Purchase a Health Savings Account policy (HSA policy). While HSAs will only cover complications of pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy, emergency c section, etc.), the funds deposited in your HSA can be used for virtually anything medically related including prenatal/postnatal, routine birth, sonograms, blood work related to maternity expenses. Here’s how it works…..

An HSA policy gives you the option to open an HSA account at any bank you like. As a single person, you can deposit up to $3,100 per calendar year and a family can deposit up to $6,200 all of which is 100% tax deductible. The next step is to ask your OBGYN and your local hospital what the cash price would be for their services. Pay them with the funds you’ve set aside in your HSA account. The net result is that you’ll normally negotiate a lower price than you would have paid otherwise if it were covered under the policy. Pay those lower fees with pre-tax dollars and it’s like double coupon day at the grocery store!

Selected Benefits also offers a hospital cash plan that will pay you a lump sum benefit of $2,000 if you’re hospitalized for any reason including maternity. If you employ this strategy, you’ll come out with a total cost of about $1-2,000 less the cost of the insurance products (which you would have paid anyway).

Option 2: Enter the Pre-Existing Condition Health Insurance Plan (PCI Plan). This was created during recent healthcare reform and is designed for those who have not had coverage in at least 6 months and who also have a pre-existing condition. Pregnancy will definitely get you in door.

These plans still have a deductible and out of pocket as does any health insurance plan, but the lowest deductible is $1,000 with a maximum out of pocket on that plan of $4,000 (including deductible). You’ll also need to factor in the cost of the monthly premiums as well.