Blue Pathways by BCBS of Texas Since our agency is located in Texas, we’ll keep this tip for Texas residents only, but your State may have similar offerings by their insurance carriers. This is a child-only policy with limited enrollment period option and the window close on June 30th. This plan has one option, a 2500 major medical deductible with 80/20 co insurance thereafter. Free preventive care is included. This is a good option is your child has no pre-existing conditions. Premiums can and will increase during underwriting if there are certain conditions that require expensive treatment.

The Pre Existing Condition Health Insurance Plan (PCI Plan) This is ultimately one of the best options if your child has pre-existing conditions that require expensive treatment. The monthly premiums are very inexpensive compared to the value you will receive and are not based on your individual child’s medical needs. Rates are simply based on your State of residence and the age of the child. In order to qualify, you must have a pre-existing condition and must have been uninsured for at least the last 6 months.

Texas Health Insurance Risk Pool This is a good option if your child has expensive needs and has had continuous health insurance coverage with no break greater than 63 days. If your break exceeds 63 days, then you will be subject to a pre-existing clause depending on when your previous coverage ended. Rates for the Texas Risk Pool (and the Risk Pools offered in other States) are generally more expensive than rates in the PCI plan mentioned above.

The PCI plan option or your local State’s High Risk Health Insurance Pool will always be the best option if your child has expensive medical needs. Just remember, each program has its’ own eligibility requirements which are subject to change at any time.

If you are a Texas resident and are interested in learning more or purchasing a Texas temporary health insurance policy or an individual or family health insurance policy, please call Selected Benefits at 866.270.6209.