I would always encourage you to use an agent. Since there is no charge for an agents’ services, why would you not? Health insurance prices are fixed by federal and state law and, therefore, there is no difference in the final price of a plan if you apply on your own or with the help of a licensed Texas health insurance agent. Agents are paid a commission directly from the insurance carrier, but the commissions don’t affect the price you pay for the coverage.

Most people don’t realize that only 20-30% of all applicants actually qualify for preferred rates. Everyone thinks they’re a preferred risk, but the numbers say different.

An agent can pre-underwrite you first and make sure you’re going with the best insurance plan and carrier for your needs.

For example, certain health insurance carriers have better rates for those who are overweight. Other Texas health insurance companies have better rates for those who take a blood pressure pill and a cholesterol pill. Some others will place exclusion waivers on certain pre-existing conditions while others will not.  Does anyone want to venture a guess which health carrier will not charge you more for tobacco use as long as you have no other risk factors (like excessive weight, blood pressure, cholesterol)?

I realize that you probably want me to tell you all these magical answers, but I won’t be able to do that if you go online and fill out an application directly at the insurance company’s website. You’re basically flying blind if you do that.

We can only help you if you let us. Best of all…it’s free.

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