The question is, why would you not? A good agent can be invaluable in the process as he/she has access to information and processes that you do not.

For example, some insurance carriers will use exclusion waivers on certain pre-existing conditions and some will not. How would you which carrier would be best for your situation if you don’t have access to the Underwriting Guidelines?

Another example would pertain to problem solving during and after the underwriting process: Simply put, we have access to people at the insurance companies that you do not. As a top producer for every major health insurance carrier in Texas, we have specific broker support individuals who can quickly solve mistakes during the underwriting process, claims and billing issues and problems regarding pre-existing conditions, etc. Without them, many policies would never be issued in the first place or would be issued incorrectly and you would likely need to go through the process again to obtain the correct coverage.

Here’s another example: A few years back, the State of Massachusetts started using health insurance exchanges as the entire will begin doing by 2014. It turns out, this was a pilot program for the federal exchange(s) soon to begin. Something unexpected happened though! Even though a person can enroll in a health insurance program without using an agent, 92% of all policies written during the test period were done so by an agent. This shows us that even though an agent is not required to purchase health insurance, most people people prefer to use one for guidance. This is a complicated topic and simply not common knowledge, so an agent can be invaluable to obtaining the correct policy for your needs with the least amount of hassle.

Are you ready for the best reason to use a health insurance agent? It’s free! Whether or not you buy from Selected Benefits Member of the Better Business Bureau Greater Houston, you’ll pay the same monthly premium for the same plan as all health insurance rates are pre-set and filed with the Texas Department of Insurance. All services offered by Selected Benefits are provided at no cost to you.

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