Healthcare reform entails several steps and changes which have been gradually going into effect since early 2010. The changes will occur over the next several years and will plateau with coverage where no American can be denied for health insurance coverage – no matter what their health issues may be.  A positive implementation which has already been put into effect is as long as an adult (parent or legal guardian) is approved by an insurance company the company must accept any child or children on that policy no matter what their health issues may be. Of course this mandatory acceptance allows the health insurance carrier to increase the premium to cover that additional risk.

Everyone should utilize the benefits of Healthcare reform through their health plans 
Most policyholders are unaware that if you purchased your health insurance plan after March 23, 2010 you’ll receive access to the new benefits when your plan’s annual renewal period arrives. If you have a grandfathered plan or need these new benefits now, contact your licensed agent, Selected Benefits, or your insurer to review your coverage options.

Outlines of Benefit Summaries for health insurance plans have been re-written for easier understanding.
 Since September, 2012 health insurance companies are required to provide the purchaser and policyholders with a model describing the benefits and out-of-pocket costs for each of the plans they sell.  This allows the consumer to have a better understanding of the coverage which they are entitled to through the plan they have chosen to purchase. Descriptions for the costs of routine doctor visits and dollar amounts spent towards catastrophic events such as hospitalization or accidents are included.

Browsing through health insurance plans and need more assistance? 
Insurance language can be complex. There are many layers and parts which makeup the health insurance policy and narrowing down what is the most important for you and your family is why agents such as us exist. We can help you budget and plan for unexpected events with supplemental products such as Accident or Critical Illness policies which can be coupled with your health insurance plan. Basically, we are here to ensure that you receive and utilize the health care benefits of your policies. There are new summaries provided by the insurance carriers which allow for easier navigation, however, if you need more guidance contact Selected Benefits or review our FAQ page.