Just a few simple steps and you’re there.

Know that you can enroll in Medicare Parts A and B within 3 months before your 65th birthday month and 3 months after.

Once that is complete, its time to consider a Medicare Supplement plan to fill in the gaps of the government sponsored Medicare. I liken it to a piece of Swiss cheese (which I love) with some holes. The Supplement Plan you purchase will basically fill in those holes.

To begin, know that the Supplement to Medicare coverage that we offer is standardized which means that Standard Plan F with Mutual of Omaha is the exact same coverage as the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Standard Plan F. It has to be. Its the law. It’s the same for all plan numbers as they range from A to N,  but F is typically the most commonly chosen Plan letter. I’m going to circle back to the Swiss cheese analogy for a moment. Let me mention that Standard plan F fills in the most holes, thus fueling it’s popularity.

During the 7 month window of time surrounding the month you turn 65, mentioned above, the enrollment is generally guaranteed without you having to answer medical questions as a condition to qualify.  The cost for the Medicare Supplement plan will vary from carrier to carrier, but the coverage is the identical from carrier to carrier.

One of the most common questions we receive is Will the coverage vary from state to state? The Answer is No. A Standard Plan F Medicare Supplement policy offered in Texas has exactly the same coverage as a Standard Plan F Medicare Supplement Plan offered in Oklahoma.

Easy so far. We’ll use our main office, which is located in the Houston zip code of 77027, for our next question which is What would a Medicare Supplement policy in our zip code cost for someone just now reaching age 65. Answer: The average Standard Plan F Medicare Supplement policy in Harris County, Texas would run about $150 per month. This is a welcome change from the high premiums many Texas residents have experienced in the under 65 health insurance market. The average premium for a 64 year old female in 77027 zip code would run about $700 per month for the 2nd most expensive Silver plan.

One other area of concern would be the prescription coverage also know as Medicare Part D. This is an optional plan offered by private insurance carriers and if you have any recurring prescription costs, this will be a good idea. The government’s Medicare Plan Finder is a simple way to determine the exact Medicare Part D policy you need to purchase. Simply input your zip code, preferred pharmacy and medications with dosages and the Plan Finder will return the plans that offer the lowest cost. The list actually factors in the cost of the actual Part D policy as well.

As you can see, it’s not difficult to navigate through the process and we’ll be happy to guide you to the best policy for your needs. If you’d like to begin, just fill out the Medicare Supplement Request A Quote form and we’ll be in touch shortly.