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I want my old PPO plan back! What can I do?

Since the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act, also referred to as “Obamacare”, was passed into law in 2010, this is a common question that has been on the minds of many Americans. While Selected Benefits only provides services for

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What’s Next for Healthcare Reform? (Part 2)

Women’s comprehensive health coverage empowers women to make the best decisions impacting their lives and their offspring.
 Benefits which are already available to policy holders include: a free annual well checkup through your doctor, OBGYN or pediatrician.  The goal of

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What’s Next for Healthcare Reform? (Part 1)

Healthcare reform entails several steps and changes which have been gradually going into effect since early 2010. The changes will occur over the next several years and will plateau with coverage where no American can be denied for health insurance

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